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Home Occupation Business Application

  1. Home Occupation Business Application
  2. Code Requirement Standards for Home Business per SMC17.95.380
    • No outdoor display or storage of materials, goods, supplies, or equipment shall be allowed. 
    • There shall be no changes to the exterior of the building nor any visible evidence (including signage) that the residence contains a home business.  
    • A home office use shall not generate nuisances such as on-street parking, noise, electrical interference or hazards. 
    • No one residing outside of the immediate household may be employed in the home business. 
    • The square footage of the area used for the business is less than 25% of the gross floor area of the home, OR 
    • I am operating a family daycare facility. 
  3. I acknowledge the above Code Requirement Standards for Home Business per SMC17.95.380*
  4. Staff will send a PDF version of your application to the email address you provided. You will need to sign and return it to the city for continued processing of the applicaiton.
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