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Claim for Damages Form

  1. This Form Submits Directly to the City Clerk.


  3. Current Residential Address

  4. Mailing Address if Different

  5. Residential Address AT TIME OF INCIDENT (if different from current address).


  7. Time*

  8. If the Incident Occurred Over a Period of Time, Date of First and Last Occurrences

  9. Please Include a Brief Description as to the Nature and Extent of Each Person's Knowledge.

  10. Please Attach Any Other Documentation That You Believe Supports your Claim.


  12. I Declare Under Penalty of Perjury Under the Laws of the State of Washington the Foregoing is True and Correct. This Claim Form Must Be Signed by the Claimant, a person Holding a Written Power of Attorney from the Claimant, by an Attorney Admitted to Practice in Washing State on the Claimant's Behalf, or by a Court-Approved Guardian, or Guardian Ad Litem on Behalf of the Claimant.

  13. Electronic Signature Agreement

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