How Do I File a Claim

Please Complete the Claim Form and Submit it to Risk Management.

Memo: Claim for Damages

Please be advised that the mere presence of City staff is not an admission of liability. We are present to investigate a situation which has been reported to us. If you or your property has been damaged and, in your opinion, you believe the City may have a responsibility to you; a Claim for Damages Form can be obtained from the City Clerk’s office at City Hall.

Some homeowners may find it useful to contact their own insurance company. Many homeowner insurance policies provide broader coverage for property damage than provided under the City’s insurance coverage.

Submittal of a Claim for Damages does not guarantee payment by the City or its insurance carrier. An investigation by a claims adjuster will be made into the incident to determine if the City has any liability. Please excuse the number of possible interruptions during the investigation period.

If it is determined that the City has a responsibility to you, the amount of claim payment is based on the level of City liability, the level of your liability (if any), the amount of repairs or value of the property that was damaged.

If you contacted the City in an emergency, as a public service, City employees may have assisted you in minor clean up. Remember this assistance does not constitute an admission of liability on the part of the City.

Should you have further questions about filing a claim, please contact Pat Adams at 360-454-5221.

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