How do I contact the Public Works Department?

You may contact the City of Stanwood’s Public Works Department by calling 360-629-9781 or by fax at 360-629-0867

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1. How do I contact the Public Works Department?
2. How do I find out if there are any easements or right-of-way on my property?
3. How do I find out what my water pressure is?
4. How do I pay my water bill?
5. How do I report a maintenance problem?
6. I need information on my side sewer, or sewer availability in my neighborhood. Who do I call?
7. I need to report a problem, who do I call?
8. My household drains are clogged, who is responsible?
9. Where can I dig on my property? What about utility lines?
10. Where does the city responsibility begin and end with respect to water and wastewater utilities?
11. Who checks sewer backups?
12. Who do I call at night if I have a water or sewer problem or see a water or sewer problem?
13. Whom do I speak to concerning water or sewer location?