Why should I support the Transportation Benefit District?

Street maintenance is second only to public safety on the list of vital services the city provides to Stanwood residents, business owners and visitors. Street maintenance is also an important part of the city’s economic development efforts. The city’s streets are often the first impression visitors, potential business owners and customers have when they enter Stanwood. Other economic incentives may not matter if Stanwood’s streets are not well maintained and inviting. In this case "curb appeal" is not just a figure of speech. A transportation benefit district would provide funding to ensure Stanwood streets, sidewalks and trails do not deteriorate and require a more expensive fix in the future.

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1. How are projects picked?
2. How are projects funded?
3. Who gets to vote?
4. Why does the city need to form a Transportation Benefit District (TBD) now?
5. Why should I support the Transportation Benefit District?
6. When was the Transportation Benefit District (TBD) Formed?