How often does this system need to be updated?

You can update your information as often as there are changes, but you must verify your information at least every six months. Smart911 prompts users to update their profile using email and text reminders. Emergency responders want to ensure that people’s Profiles are always up to date.

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1. What is Smart911, and how does it work?
2. Is the information secure?
3. Does the safety profile only work in an area served by SNOPAC?
4. Why are you implementing this now?
5. What other communities have implemented this program, and how has it worked for them?
6. How long does it take someone to create a Safety Profile with Smart911?
7. Can more than one family member be registered from one phone?
8. Will this system speed up response times?
9. How often does this system need to be updated?
10. Does the public have to create a safety profile?