Redemption Hill Church Conditional Use Permit

Redemption Hill Church CUP

Project Information

This proposal is for the development of a house of worship within the Single-Family Residential 9.6 (SR 9.6) zoning designation located at 7507 276th Street NW, Stanwood. Houses of worship are considered a conditional use in the SR 9.6 zone and requires approval of a conditional use permit in order to be allowed. The project will be broken into two phases with the first phase consisting of conversion of an existing single family residence into a house of worship and the second phase consisting of a new sanctuary building. The project and application materials may be viewed here 23-0101 Redemption Hill CUP

Phase 1 Components
     Change of use from residential to house of worship
     Parking for a 3,000 square foot house of worship
     Outdoor amphitheater
     Stormwater management for new impervious surfaces
     Landscaping for change of use
     Sanitary sewer for change of use

Phase 2 Components
     New 280-seat sanctuary building
     Parking for new building
     Stormwater management for new building
     Landscaping for new building
     Sanitary sewer for new building

Permit Numbers

  • 23-0101 Conditional Use Permit

Project Timeline

  • Notice of Application and Notice of Public Meeting issued August 22, 2023
    • A public meeting was held September 11, 2023 in front of the Planning Commission and via an online meeting. This was a public meeting and not a public hearing. The public meeting is informational only and to hear public comments/concerns.  
    • Note: The end of the comment period for the Notice of Application does not grant automatic approval for the project.  The City will begin its review on the submitted documents at the end of the comment period.
Redemption Hill Landscaping Plan

Ways to Stay Informed

The public is invited to comment on the project by submitting written comments or via email. To stay current on the project, please sign up to be a Party of Record by contacting Tansy Schroeder, City Planner, at

If you would like to provide any written comment, letters may be mailed to:

Attn: Tansy Schroeder
City of Stanwood
10220 270th Street NW
Stanwood, WA 98292

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the permit application for exactly?

The conditional use permit application is for both the conversion of an existing residence to a house of worship and for a new, future building expansion. The future building will require a site development permit application. 

Why is the City considering rezoning to allow a church?

There is no rezone proposed with this permit application. Houses of worship, along with other uses such as meeting halls and schools, are considered a "conditional use" in the residential zones. A "conditional use" is a type of use that could be considered compatible with the surround uses when appropriate conditions are applied to mitigate for potential impacts. Conditional use permits shall be reviewed against decision criteria to ensure compatibility with traffic, noise and glare, landscaping, and public improvements. 

I have concerns with the submitted application materials.

City staff is currently reviewing the submitted application materials. Staff will compile a review letter outlining any necessary corrections to the application materials before a decision can be issued on the project.