Nominate a G.E.M.


The Employee Excellence Award Program recognizes full-time and part-time City of Stanwood employees who exhibit exemplary service, perform beyond expectations, and promote positive behaviors aligned with the City of Stanwood's mission and values.

The objectives of this program are to award an employee who is Going the Extra Mile or exhibiting the Extra Mile Attitude in any work-related area, such as:

  • Significant positive contributions beyond what is expected by a department  in the areas of process improvement, innovative strategies, collaboration, and teamwork
  • Willingness to assist others beyond normal expectations and willingness to assume additional responsibilities
  • Identification of new methods for reducing costs or increasing financial efficiencies
  • Exhibiting consistent leadership and commitment

If you've had an experience with a City of Stanwood staff member that stood out as

"Going the Extra Mile," we'd like to hear about it!  

When considering nominees, please keep in mind the following criteria -

  • Creative solutions to customer problems
  • Regularly going the “extra mile” to exceed customer expectations
  • Developing customer loyalty and support (evidenced by oral or written comments)
  • All Submissions will be reviewed by the Awards Committee.

  • Nominations will be accepted until May 23. 

  • Two staff members will be chosen annually to receive the GEM Award

  • Winners will be acknowledged before City Council in June.