COVID-19 Emergency Flexible Payment Plan


Utility Bill Relief During COVID-19 Emergency

The Governor’s Proclamation 20.23, which prohibited utility shut-offs and late fees during the COVID-19 pandemic, expired Sept. 30, 2021. To avoid the start of late fees, and ultimately a shut-off, you can apply for a flexible payment plan, which allows customers to pay their City utility bill over a 12-month period.

For those who do not participate in a payment plan, penalties are scheduled to resume in December 2021 (with shut-offs starting January 2022.)

Flexible Payment Plan

Both Owner and Tenant Application forms are available for the COVID-19 Emergency Flexible Payment Plan.

Property Owner Applications may be submitted electronically.

Tenant Applications may be submitted by email to or by mail to:

City of Stanwood
10220 270th St NW
Stanwood, WA 98292

The City will review applications and provide the applicant with a written response by mail within five business days of receiving the application. 

Tenant applications require both tenant and owner signatures with email addresses before submission for review. Tenants will need to print the form and obtain the property owner's signature before submission.
Please use the TENANT application.

If you have questions about these programs, please call 360-629-2181 or email


COVID-19 Emergency Flexible Payment Plan for OWNER-OCCUPIED PROPERTY 
COVID-19 Emergency Flexible Payment Plan for TENANT-OCCUPIED PROPERTY


Emergency Flexible Payment Plan -  Fillable PDF