Special Events

A Special Event is any temporary/ongoing activity that occurs on public (or possibly private) property that will affect the ordinary use of parks, public streets, right-of-ways, sidewalks, traffic, and/or generates considerable public participation.

A Special Event is also defined as meeting one or more of the following criteria:

  • Is reasonably expected to cause or result in 100 or more people gathering in a park or other public place
  • Is reasonably expected to have a substantial impact on such park or other public space
  • Is reasonably expected to require the provision of substantial public services

The application/permit process:

  • Ensures that the activity meets legal requirements
  • Allows the City to adequately schedule needed public services
  • Alerts the affected neighborhoods and businesses (Please review Notification Letter and Acknowledgement of Notification forms).
  • City fees may apply and must be paid in advance of the event.

Special Event Permit and Request for City Services Application Packet

Please email complete applications to EconDev@StanwoodWa.org or drop off complete applications to City Hall.

Special Event Permit Application

Notification Letter Example | Notification Letter Template

Acknowledgement of Notification Example | Acknowledgment of Notification Template 

Special Event City Support Fund

The City of Stanwood has established a small fund to help support special events in 2022. The City is looking to support special events by contributing these funds towards items that help elevate special events and participation. Funds can be used for on-site furnishings such as heaters, benches, tents, lights, or other types of equipment that will enhance the public enjoyment of the special event. 

Please email complete applications to EconDev@StanwoodWa.org or drop off complete applications to City Hall. 

Special Event City Fund Support Application

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