Special Events

A Special Event is any temporary/ongoing activity that occurs on public (or possibly private) property that will affect the ordinary use of parks, public streets, right-of-ways, sidewalks, traffic, and/or generates considerable public participation.

A Special Event is also defined as meeting one or more of the following criteria:

  • Is reasonably expected to cause or result in 100 or more people gathering in a park or other public place
  • Is reasonably expected to have a substantial impact on such park or other public space
  • Is reasonably expected to require the provision of substantial public services

The application/permit process:

  • Ensures that the activity meets legal requirements
  • Allows the City to adequately schedule needed public services
  • Alerts the affected neighborhoods and businesses
  • A *refundable deposit is required for all events

    *Deposits are refunded when it is determined no damage was done, and applicable event data has been submitted.

Special Event Permit and Request for City Services Application Packet



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