Home Occupation Application

A home occupation is allowable as an accessory use in a bona fide dwelling unit in any residential area. All provisions of this code pertaining to residential uses shall be met. In addition, all of the following standards shall apply: 

(a) No outdoor display or storage of materials, goods, supplies, or equipment shall be allowed.

(b) There shall be no changes to the exterior of the building nor any visible evidence (including signage) that the residence also contains a home occupation.

(c) A home office use shall not generate nuisances such as on-street parking, noise, electrical interference, or hazards.

(d) There shall be no one residing outside of the immediate household employed in the home occupation.

(e) The maximum area devoted to a home occupation shall be 25 percent of the gross floor area of the dwelling unit, except for family daycare homes.

Please email the completed application to EconDev@StanwoodWa.org

Home Occupation Application PDF

Home Occupation Application Fillable PDF