Business Licensing

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A Business License is required for businesses operating within the city limits of Stanwood, including businesses physically located outside city limits that perform services for customers inside city limits. City approval is required for initial issuance. All business licenses must renew on or before the expiration date printed on their Business Licensing Service renewal notice. (Stanwood Municipal Code 5.03.010 - 5.03.090)

Apply or Renew Your Washington State / Stanwood City Endorsement Business License

The City of Stanwood participates in a joint business licensing program with the State Department of Revenue (DOR) that streamlines the way current and future business owners can obtain business licenses. The city and state business license application forms have been combined into a single application.

Department of Revenue’s Business Licensing Service (BLS) system enables business owners to complete the Master Business License Form and City of Stanwood Business License Addendum, all at one time. It is preferred that applicant apply for the Business License online; mailing the application is an option but can delay the process up to 1 month. For further information, please contact the Department of Revenue via email or call 800-451-7985.

Business License Fees

Business License fees are as follows:

Any non-profit organization (church, thrift store, office, etc.) with a location within the city limits holding a current IRS 501 (c) (3) exemption certificate issued by the Internal Revenue Service, must submit a copy of the certificate along with the application form, but will be exempt from the license fees.

Business Licenses Are Not Transferable

Please notify the State of Washington Business License Service at 800-451-7985 or go online if one of the following is true for your business:

  • If you are a new owner
  • If you have sold your business or are moving your business outside the city limits
  • You added a location to an existing Business License.
  • Your business location has changed.

Displaying Your Business License

Business Licenses must be displayed on a wall in your business.

Your local sales tax code is 3101 and must be included in the appropriate place on the State tax return.

Request a Ribbon Cutting with the Mayor

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