Pay Ticket

YOU MUST RESPOND WITHIN FIFTEEN (15) DAYS FROM THE DATE ISSUED: Your response must be postmarked by midnight of the day it is due at the court. 

All traffic infractions issued in city limits are held at the local level for 15 days, unless payment or a request for a hearing is received prior to that time frame. This means you have 15 days to pay your ticket before it is sent to Cascade District Court. Tickets paid at the City level are not filed in Court. Per state statute, we do mail a copy to the Department of Licensing.

If you want to pay your ticket before it is sent to court and avoid additional penalties you can mail in payment or call to pay over the phone. 

Mail a copy of your ticket with payment to:

City of Stanwood
10220 270th St NW
Stanwood, WA 98292

Phone: (360) 629-2181

If you have lost your ticket call Stanwood Police Administrative Office during normal business hours at 425-388-5290 to request a copy. 

If no response is received within the 15 days, the ticket is forwarded to Cascade District Court, where additional penalties are added and, where applicable, notice is mailed to the Department of Licensing to begin the process of suspending the defendant’s Driver’s License.

If you have questions about your ticket after the 15 days please contact Cascade District Court:

Cascade District Court
415 E Burke Ave
Arlington, WA 98223

Phone: (360) 474-8337

Feel free to call our office at 425-388-5290 for information on tickets.