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Working in the Interest of the Community

Code compliance is a complaint-driven program responsible for enforcement of the building, zoning and nuisance codes of the City of Stanwood.  It is committed to seeking voluntary compliance and cooperation in resolving code violation issues.

Code Compliance Officers often find themselves working as neighborhood mediators and liaisons between government and citizens. If at any point, the accused shows progress or appears to be coordinating efforts with the officer, timelines will be extended.

It is important to remember the delicate social issues at hand (cultural, financial, physical and mental health, and other similar issues). The ultimate goal, is to fix the violations and keep them from reoccurring in order to maintain and stabilize every neighborhood in the community.

Code Compliance Process

The City’s policy on Code Compliance is that it is complaint-driven.  The City staff does not proactively enforce code violations unless life/safety issues are involved.

1. Code Complaint Form is received.

2. Code Compliance Officer conducts initial investigation and determines whether or not there is a violation of the Stanwood Municipal Code or other applicable regulation.

3. Code Compliance Officer notifies the property owner/tenant that a violation exists and the appropriate action required to correct the violation.

Fillable Code Compliance Complaint Form

This form will be used to investigate complaints within the city limits of Stanwood. If your complaint pertains to property, or issues in unincorporated Snohomish County, or Camano Island, please refer to those jurisdictions.
Snohomish County Code Enforcement: 425-388-3311
Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office: 425-388-3393
Island County Code Enforcement: 360-629-4522
Island County Sheriff’s Office: 360-629-2224

  1. Keith Kennedy

    Building Official and Code Compliance Officer

Complete the Compliance Complaint Form