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"Starting and running a business is always a challenge, given the failure rate of 50-70% in the first four years. The economic volatility of recent COVID-19 disruption has only amplified confusion, anxiety, and fear."

For this reason, the City of Stanwood is sponsoring the Profit Mastery Program for Stanwood businesses. This program usually has a $900 price tag but is being offered by the City of Stanwood with funds made available through the CARES Act.  

Profit Mastery

Profit Mastery is an internationally-acclaimed leading financial management program that gives participants the tools and confidence needed to manage their businesses by the numbers. The program provides independent business owners unparalleled financial perspective and tools to take advantage of opportunities and deal with challenges. Managing a business without Profit Mastery is like setting out for an unfamiliar destination without a road map, and the case-study format enhances the application to your network. You’ll be introduced to invaluable management resources that should be part of every business owner’s tool kit.


profit masteryBusinesses going through the process for the Stanwood SOARING Small Business Grant Program are required  to complete the Profit Mastery Program.  Additional spots are available in this six-week course that begins August 24.

If you are interested in participating, please complete the short registration form below.  Space is limited, applicants will receive a participation code once their slot is confirmed.