Waste Management

Please call Waste Management (WM) (link is external) at 800-592-9995 to start and stop service, and for billing or service questions.   


Recycle Often Recycle Right (link is external)- Waste Management’s national campaign on how to recycle.

It can be tricky to get everyone on the same page with recycling at home - and the result is that up to 25% of items in your home recycling bins actually belong in the trash. Unfortunately, these small mix-ups add up to enormous consequences for the long-term viability of recycling. When recycling, remember "if in doubt, throw it out!"

The good news - You can help solve this problem by educating your family on how to recycle often and recycle right.  Find information on recycling correctly and your WM pickup schedule in the Informational Flyers column.


Logo - Inclement Weather

In case of Inclement Weather

As winter draws near, Waste Management is preparing to serve Stanwood during inclement weather. We’re committed to providing collection service when it is safe to do so. When unsafe road conditions prohibit us from providing service, we will proactively communicate with the town and with residents.

During inclement weather, we will post service updates on our new Stanwood specific service alert page. There is a link to our service alert page from Waste Management’s Stanwood website (http://wmnorthwest.com/stanwood/) or by visiting this link:

When service days are missed, WM will collect missed materials on the customer’s next regular collection day.