The city maintains 37 miles of road surface, 22.5 miles of sidewalks, 16 traffic signals and, as of 2008, 1,648 street signs.


The street division duties, as well as repairs to the bike path and walking trail, include:

Street Crew by Street Cleaning Truck

  • Mowing
  • Pothole patching
  • Snow removal
  • Street sign maintenance
  • Street sweeping


There are 4 members of the public works street division crew who are responsible for the maintenance of:

  • City drainage system
  • City parks
  • City streets
  • City-owned facilities
  • Public rights-of-way

Hanging Banners

The street crew is also responsible for hanging banners across 88th Avenue. If you would like to request a banner to be hung for your event, please fill out the Banner Installation Application (PDF).

Flower Hanging Baskets

From May through September every year the streets crew water and fertilizes the 31 hanging baskets 6 days a week. The 2019 hanging baskets were purchased from Stanwood High School.

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