Welcome to Stanwood-Camano

Bordering the clear waters of Puget Sound’s Saratoga Passage and extending inland amid the rolling hills of the Skagit Valley, this unique region is great for day trips or weekend adventures. Discover the hidden treasure of Stanwood-Camano where you can EXPLORE the small-town charm of Stanwood and the Easy Island lifestyle on Camano Island.  Opportunities to PLAY in the outdoors are abundant, and you will be guaranteed to CREATE memories of a lifetime.

The City of Stanwood is a step back in time. This small town just an hour north of Seattle is still firmly rooted in its Scandinavian and farming history. Stanwood bridges the gap between beautiful pastoral farmlands and Camano Island’s beaches. Blessed with diversity of dining, vintage and boutique shops, Stanwood is a destination on its own.

Find events and details at the Discover Stanwood Camano website, and check out our Annual Events Photo Gallery. The following is a list of annual events that take place in the Stanwood-Camano area with a brief description.

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There are currently no annual events in the month of January.