City Council Committees

Council committees are policy review and discussion arms of the City Council that have been created to assist the council in providing an opportunity to explore the implications of policy alternatives and the policy development process; to serve in an advisory capacity to the council as a whole in reviewing policy matters referred to them; to inform and educate the council on existing city programs and issues; and other such matters as the committee deems appropriate. The City Council committees shall not become involved in the administration of city government.

Types of Committees

Two types of committees exist at the local level: standing and ad hoc. Standing committees are permanent bodies with jurisdiction over specific policy areas. Ad hoc committees are temporary committees established to address short-term problems or issues.

A nominating committee, composed of the mayor, mayor pro tempore, and the longest standing council member, selects the membership of the standing committees by the second council meeting in January of each year. The standing committees are updated after council has approved the nominating committee selections in January.

2023 City Council Committees