File Police Report

How can I file a police report?  

Police reports are handled by the jurisdiction where the crime/incident occurred, or if that is not known, by the jurisdiction where you live. Check your jurisdiction here.

 To file a report:

  • If the crime/incident occurred in Snohomish County, call 911 or, for non-emergencies, 425-407-3999.
  • If you don’t know where the incident occurred, such as cybercrimes, fraud, and/or identity thefts, and you live in Snohomish County, call 911 or 425-407-3999.
  • If the crime/incident occurred on Camano Island, call the Island County Communications Center (ICOM) at 360 629-2224.
  • If you don’t know where the incident occurred, such as cybercrimes, fraud, and/or identity thefts, and you live on Camano Island, please call ICOM at 360 629-2224.
  • If the crime/incident occurred outside our area, please call the law enforcement agency that covers that area. You can check your jurisdiction here.

How can I file a police report ONLINE?

The Stanwood Police Department (in conjunction with SNO 911, our dispatch center, and several other Snohomish County law enforcement agencies) is now offering a method of reporting certain crimes online via the My Crime Report website. This reporting option is completely voluntary and intended for the convenience of those citizens comfortable with the technology.

My Crime Report - Snohomish County Citizen Crime Reporting

When to File an Online Report

For many minor incidents, you can file an online crime report. Some, but not all of the criteria, for filing an online crime report include:

  • The incident is not an emergency (Is there an immediate threat to life safety or property? Is there a fire? Call 911.)
  • There are no known suspects. (If you have suspect information, call 911.)
  • You have a valid email address
  • The item(s) were lost, stolen, or damaged
  • The value of stolen, lost, or damaged items is less than $5,000. 
  • Unemployment Fraud

More Serious Crimes call 911 Do NOT submit an Online Report. 

To report a more serious crime or if your damage loss is greater than $5,000 please call 911 or non-emergency at 425-407-3999 and ask to speak to a Stanwood Deputy. Some, but not all more serious crimes include.

  • A gun was lost or stolen
  • A vehicle was stolen
  • License plates were stolen
  • I know who or have information about the person that committed a crime
  • I have video evidence of a crime
  • My identity was stolen
  • My credit/bank cards or checks were lost or stolen and have been used
  • Something was stolen from a locked building or fenced-in area
  • My total loss for this report is greater than $5000.00

How to File

Visit the My Crime Report website.

The website explains the process step by step. The Stanwood Police Department processes these submissions during normal business days, Monday through Friday, and they are reviewed by a Stanwood Deputy.