Land Use Planning & Permitting

The Community Development staff processes a variety of land use and environmental permits for new development. The City’s goal is to enhance the character of the existing community by implementing the Vision and Policies adopted in the Comprehensive Plan for new development.

Property owners interested in investing in a new project in the community have several ways to begin the review process. Contact the Community Development Department at 360-629-2181 about any type of new commercial or residential development. Early identification of issues, environmental concerns, and designed architectural and development forms are advised.

Preliminary Meetings

The City provides two preliminary meetings/appointments: a General Information Meeting and a Pre-Application Meeting.

  1. General Information Meeting
  2. Pre-Application Meeting

The Community Development Department offers complimentary general information meetings with staff. These meetings benefit those who are interested in a wide range of development projects. Staff can address zoning, landscaping, setbacks, permitting, streets, and utility issues, as well as permitting/fee inquiries.

To schedule a general information meeting or to determine if you would benefit from such a meeting, please email Community Development or call them at 360-629-2181, ext. 5211. You can also submit a General Information Meeting Form (PDF).

Zoning Review

Land Use Planning and Permitting involves evaluation for project compliance with the City’s Zoning regulations. Learn more about Zoning in Stanwood.

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