Residential Monthly Utility Rate Comparison

2020 Comparison Chart

CityWater Base Rate (How City Bills)Water Base Rate - 600 cf per MonthWater Excess Rate per 100 cfSewer Base RateSewer Excess Rate per 100 cfStormwater Base RateTotal (without Tax with Same Usage as Stanwood)
Stanwood$29.06 (600 cubic feet (cf))$29.06$3.80$47.43$6.62$17.39$93.88
Arlington$32.15 (300 cf)$40.97$2.94$70.15Commercial Only$6.89$118.01
Burlington$55.96 (600 cf)$55.96$2.95$32.09$4.58$6.88$94.93
Granite Falls$34.00 (500 cf)$37.26$3.26$74.00Commercial Only$10.00$121.26
Lake Stevens$44.10 (600 cf)$44.10$3.52$86.00Commercial Only$8.67$138.77
Marysville$44.33 (600 cf)$44.33$1.27$43.95Commercial Only$12.19$100.47
Monroe$24.23 (400 cf)$35.03$6.90$92.15Commercial Only$12.28$139.46
Mount Vernon$55.96 (600 cf)$55.96$2.95$47.75$2.85$11.00$114.71
Sedro Woolley$55.96 (600 cf)$55.96$2.95$63.45Commercial Only$10.80$130.21
Snohomish$26.56 (400 cf)$36.34$4.79$59.88$5.20$15.27$111.49
Sultan$47.20 (300 cf)$61.90$4.69$83.77Commercial Only$10.92$156.59

Download a copy of the Residential Monthly Rate Comparison for Nearby Cities (PDF).

Rate Increase

The Stanwood City Council is dedicated to bringing our residents and business owner’s high quality water, sewer, and drainage services. Last year the council adopted rate increases to ensure continued investment in the utility assets owned by tax payers. Even with the rate increase Stanwood continues to offer its utilities at some of the lowest rates in the area.